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Rachel Demaio - Rachel's Angels

"The Rachel DeMaio Story"

Rachel was a beautiful, funny, athletic, artistic 17-year-old when she made a fatal mistake of experimenting with drugs. This mistake resulted over time in fatal carfentanil toxicity poisoning. Like so many young people today that die from this or fentanyl toxicity poisoning, she never knew what she was ingesting or the fatal impact it would have.

Rachel’s Angels was formed with the mission to keep kids from experimenting with drugs and becoming another statistic.


We Educate and Raise Awareness.

In 2020-2021 fentanyl and other illicit drugs took the lives of over 70,000 teens nationwide. Rachel's Angels goal is to educate and bring awareness to this ongoing saga of lost lives and to do what we can to help reduce numbers.

Victims of Fentanyl

Robert B
Jamie Evans
Johnny Helmke
Austin Spiller
Kristen Joiner
Connor B.

In the News


In The News: Grand Island family raising awareness for fentanyl poisoning


Rachel's Angels Mission

A drug epidemic is upon us–one that can/will affect us all in some way, shape, or form. It doesn’t discriminate against sex, race, creed, or age. It. Must. Stop.

Physicians cannot treat the epidemic to an end point. The only way to stop our children from entering the drug world is through anti-drug awareness and education. ​

Rachel's Angels is a non-profit organization focused on stopping children from experimenting and becoming addicted to drugs. It’s our mission to:

  • Impact the epidemic in northeast Ohio through juvenile anti-drug awareness and education programs
  • Connect those who are currently using drugs with services designed to help them sooner, not later
  • Create open communication and dialogue by spreading the word among children, parents, teachers, administrators, and government entities

We WILL help stop the epidemic starting within our own communities–right here, right now.

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