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With the hard work and dedication of Dr. Katrina Halasa, who developed the curriculum, the Rachel's Angels program is being taught in Akron Public High Schools as part of a health class program.

“Angels” or student ambassadors of the program have been trained to present the curriculum. Students talking with students provides an open and meaningful dialogue which encourages them to discuss and share real-life issues related to the drug epidemic.

School Presentations

Our presentations typically last 40-50 minutes and include a(n):

  • Introduction
  • Rachel's Video Story
  • Educational Presentation
  • Discussion
students teaching other students helps facilitate retention of the material
Rachel's Angels curriculum being presented in Akron Public Schools

Rachel's Angels is a must have program that I use every year. 

This program was started by Cindy DeMaio, Rachel's mother. This new program they are using I have found to be an absolute success! This program focuses on drug prevention. They tell the personal story of Rachel DeMaio and how she had an unfortunate encounter with Carfentanyl. My students pay attention due to the fact the program is interactive and taught by other students which helps to keep their focus on learning. The presenters check for understanding by asking questions along the way and at the end. In fact, the presenters also pass out Rachel's Angels shirts for students that participate and answer questions. I believe it is so crucial for middle school students to get this education before it is too late.
Erin Cooper
Health Teacher
Hyre CLC
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