Organization raises awareness for fentanyl overdoses

Organization raises awareness for fentanyl overdoses
Author: Russ K. | Posted: 12/13/2023 - 02:52:00 -

WBIR Channel 10 - Families who've lost their loved ones to an overdose unveiled a new billboard on Central Avenue, aimed at raising awareness for addiction.

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About Rachel's Angels

Rachel's Angels is a non-profit organization focused on stopping children from experimenting and becoming addicted to drugs. It's our mission to:

  • Impact the epidemic in northeast Ohio through juvenile anti-drug awareness and education programs
  • Connect those who are currently using drugs with services designed to help them sooner, not later
  • Create open communication and dialogue by spreading the word among children, parents, teachers, administrators, and government entities

We WILL help stop the epidemic starting within our own communities–right here, right now.

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