Rachel’s Angels launches its New Billboard Program

Rachel's Angels Billboard on display in Akron, Ohio
Author: Russ K. | Posted: 04/30/2022 - 08:30:00 -

Each person in this world plays a different role to each and every one of us. To some, a friend. To others, a teammate. A daughter. A sister. A son. A grandchild. Needless to say, when fentanyl takes a life, it leaves many holes that can never be filled.

Beginning May 3, 2022 and running through Mid-June, Rachel's Angels Billboards will begin popping up throughout the Akron, Ohio Area. Designed to drive awareness of the dangers of fentanyl, the billboards support the reality of one person as many. Multiple billboards will be raised with one face, but many different messages. They’re designed to get attention and drive traffic to RachelsAngels.org where we are beginning to amass a library of curated resources to help teens, their families, and friends find the help they or their loved ones need to combat addiction.

A special thanks to Lamar Outdoor and their non-profit program which allows us to fund the first few billboards on our own.

Rachel's Angels is always looking for sponsors of these billboards. Sponsorship of boards run for a 4-week period. Sponsors receive a "Supported by: [your name]” byline on the billboard, shoutouts, recognition, and thanks on our social media feeds and website. Badges of support that you can display on your own website and/or social media pages will also be provided.

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Rachel's Angels
Rachel's Angels "Teammates" billboard
Rachel's Angels
Rachel's Angels "Sisters" billboard
Rachel's Angels
Rachel's Angels "Friends" billboard

About Rachel's Angels

Rachel's Angels is a non-profit organization focused on stopping children from experimenting and becoming addicted to drugs. It's our mission to:

  • Impact the epidemic in northeast Ohio through juvenile anti-drug awareness and education programs
  • Connect those who are currently using drugs with services designed to help them sooner, not later
  • Create open communication and dialogue by spreading the word among children, parents, teachers, administrators, and government entities

We WILL help stop the epidemic starting within our own communities–right here, right now.

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