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Mother puts photo of daughter on billboard to warn of fatal fentanyl addiction

A billboard featuring the photo of Tiyana Lopez is standing just north of the Denver city limits as a warning that says “Fentanyl Steals Daughters.”


Rachel’s Angels campaign bringing billboards, awareness to ‘faces of fentanyl’

LOS ANGELES - In September of 2021, Eric Kittendorf’s 17-year-old daughter died in her sleep from fentanyl poisoning.

SOURCE: Fox11 - Los Angeles

North Texas family shares how they’re fighting the fentanyl crisis

NORTH TEXAS ( – Fentanyl overdoses and poisonings have taken the lives of teenagers and young adults in North Texas.

SOURCE: CBS11 - Texas

Mothers using billboards to raise fentanyl awareness

Published: Apr. 4, 2023 at 8:17 AM EDT|Updated: 2 hours ago

SOURCE: WAFF 48 - Huntsville Alabama

Dangers of fentanyl escalate US-Mexico tensions

The U.S.-Mexico relationship is under strain from fentanyl smuggling, as politicians on both sides of the Rio Grande scramble to respond to a drug trade that now kills more than 70,000 U.S. nationals every year.

SOURCE: The Hill

As US fentanyl deaths jump, GOP casts blame at the border

Fentanyl has increased the stakes in the decades-long drug war, inflaming the preexisting opiate crisis and bickering over border security, with a heightened lethality not shared by other recreational drugs.

SOURCE: The Hill

2-year-old Baltimore girl’s death ruled homicide by fentanyl intoxication

2-year-old Baltimore girl's death ruled homicide by fentanyl intoxication


FBI Cleveland CGNL Task Forces seizes 88 pounds of narcotics, valued at $5.2 million

The FBI Cleveland Cartel Gang Narcotics and Laundering Task Force seized 40 kilograms, or 88 pounds, of suspected fentanyl and other drugs during ... The net amount of fentanyl seized in the operation “would be enough to kill 20 million people” and is valued at $5.2 million, the release said.

Parents warn others after 17-year-old son’s fentanyl death

(CNN) - The parents of a 17-year-old boy who died after taking a fentanyl-laced pill are working to sound the alarm for other families, as overdose deaths from synthetic opioids continue to rise.

SOURCE: Cleveland 19 News -

What is ‘rainbow fentanyl?’ Reports of ‘deadly’ colorful pills and powder raise concerns

Reports of "rainbow fentanyl" are growing nationwide, and law enforcement suggests the colorful, candy-looking opioid could target young people. Other experts say this is false, noting the colors are mostly likely added to distinguish products.

DOJ seizes 10 million fake fentanyl-laced pills from May to September this year

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks at a news conference at Drug Enforcement Administration headquarters on September 27, 2022 in Arlington, Virginia. The Justice Department today released results of enforcement initiatives that they say has resulted in the seizure of the equivalent of 36 million lethal fentanyl doses from May 23 to September 8. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid 50 times more potent than heroin, according to the Justice Department.

Young people are being targeted with brightly colored ‘rainbow fentanyl,’ government drug agency warns

“They’re doing this to get new users, to appeal to younger users. We’re finding it all over the social media platforms. Rainbow pills are all over,” said the administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

DEA Warns of Brightly-Colored Fentanyl Used to Target Young Americans

WASHINGTON – The Drug Enforcement Administration is advising the public of an alarming emerging trend of colorful fentanyl available across the United States. In August 2022, DEA and our law enforcement partners seized brightly-colored fentanyl and fentanyl pills in 18 states. Dubbed “rainbow fentanyl” i

Driven by fentanyl, rates of fatal teen overdoses doubled in 2020

After staying flat for a decade, the overdose death rate among U.S. adolescents nearly doubled from 2019 to 2020 — an alarming climb that continued into 2021, a study released Tuesday showed.

New plan needed to fight opioid crisis, report says

WASHINGTON – The U.S. needs a nimble, multipronged strategy and Cabinet-level leadership to counter its festering overdose epidemic, a bipartisan congressional commission advises.

With vastly powerful synthetic drugs like fentanyl driving record overdose deaths, the scourge of opioids awaits after the COVID-19 pandemic finally recedes, a shift that public health experts expect in the months ahead.

Rep. Tim Ryan Slams China, Sackler Family Over Opioid and Fentanyl Crisis

As co-chair of the Treatment Addiction Recovery Caucus in Congress, Rep. Tim Ryan addresses the Floor on the opiod and fentanyl crisis in the US.

UA students find way to fight opioid crisis

osing a best friend at any age is painful, but when you are only 16, it can leave you shattered like nothing else.

Cuyahoga Falls teen’s overdose death prompts creation of Rachel’s Angels

CUYAHOGA FALLS: The family and friends of a 17-year-old Woodridge High School girl who died of a drug overdose last year are launching a new group urging teens to stay away from drugs and alcohol, the Cuyahoga Falls News-Press reports.

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